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Message from Deb... It's Time...
One thing that is certainly happening through this Great Awakening is that new leaders are emerging. People who never thought they would be at the forefront of a national movement, let alone a global movement. This is a movement of Truth, Freedom, Peace, Love and Taking our Power back to Transcend the Enslavement Matrix just before that’s no longer an option. We ARE at the 12th hour and everyone is at Choice Point as to how and when they’re going to engage.

One thing is certain It’s Time...
We Must Unify and We Must Organize!

We are inviting you to work with us to utilize this site, a HUB Of Patriot Love, as well as our online community, Great Awakening Global Community as
part of your desire to UNIFY and ORGANIZE with others.
Please complete the form below to start your journey with us!

We will be partnering with other leaders and other hubs that are either already established or in the process of establishing. Do you have relationships with other groups or do you know of other communities we should be bridging with? Tell us!

We Are Transitional Leaders ~ Are YOU?

You most likely have not heard of us until now, and there are several reasons for that, which includes having to work behind the scenes in order to anchor funding for large scale humanitarian projects. This took intense focus, as well as consumed almost every waking hour for several years. All of that is set in motion and we are now circling back to come back into the public with shows, webinars, retreats & summits, global humanitarian projects in MSM, Law, Anchoring our Republic and YES...  to support in unifying and organizing people.

As a producer from the entertainment industry, one of my fortes is to unify, organize, create plans and execute strategies.  We are in the time of the Great Awakening and the Transition from the Great Awakening Phase 1 to Phase 2!

 Then there's the amazing Scott Bartle! Some of Scott’s forte’s are project managing, legal documents and meticulously executing strategies. He did a documentary in 2012 about Australia's 2 tier government (yes he's Aussie!). He's not used to writing a lot about himself so sometimes my old hat of advertising, PR, producer comes in to be the wind beneath his awesome Wings!  See more here.

For over 2 decades I’ve had a strong knowingness, as well as God showing me details of our world being thrown into upheaval; realities dividing. I knew that the time would come when New Leaders would need to step into their true essence of power and step up. That time is now!

It’s Time… You are Invited to engage. Do you have an UPCOMING EVENT that you would like to post and share on our EVENTS page?

Do You Have Upcoming Event or Know of One?

Since the Presidential Election, everything has been taken to a new height and frenzied level of “this just got real and there’s no turning back”. Does that resonate with your experience? You may be having waves of believing that everything is on target and feel great, and an hour later feeling stressed and challenged. That is going to be happening to billions on the planet as this Shift occurs. Coming together with others, at the very least, will assist in neutralizing some of the stress and angst.   Submit Event Here

I also want to touch on one thing… and that is the importance of discernment AND building trust at the same time with new people… I’ll just drop that seed here for the moment, but it will be a big part of the work ahead. All information you share with us is held in absolute integrity and confidentiality. Please read our Terms of Service / Integrity Agreement on the “Submit a Post” page for more details of our “normal and expected level of integrity of engagement”. 

We will be producing a series of events that are entitled “New Global Leaders Summit”. This will be a combination of people in this movement, as well as the people we are working with across the world associated with the large scale humanitarian projects. 

We will also be producing large scale media events and MSM news channels.

It’s TIME to organize to the next level… You are invited to share your details below and tell us:

Are you already organizing groups of people?
Would you like to step up as a leader and / or assist in other ways?
Are you interested in the New Global Leader Summit for yourself or others?
Are you interested in participating in media projects?
What area of the world do you live in?
What skills are your great at, passion about?
What aspects or skills are not your strong point? Or what would you not want to participate in?
Do you have outreach to people via social media or other groups?
Would you like to assist in getting this website out to people?
Tell us more… what else are you passionate about?
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Share your PERSONAL messages of gratitude & love For President Trump & Everyone! 

** Send us details of upcoming events **