November 11, 2020

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Jan Walker



Love from USA

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In the 4 short years that Donald J. Trump has been our President, I marvel at the many transformations that have taken place! He has brought unity, not only to the USA, but also to the world. Not the party politics, but the unity of peace thru strength, love for country, and a renewed feeling of deep patriotism. He is giving us back our country! There is no question that he deeply loves this country and deeply cares about all of it’s people. And of all his many accomplishments, to me, the greatest gift is HOPE. Hope of peace, hope for better days, and hope for a brighter future for all of us. There is such love for Donald Trump, like an avalanche of emotions that is making it’s way to the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC, where, on January 20, 2121, he will take his second oath of office as our President of the United States. This is God’s plan, and SO IT IS!

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Jan Walker

About the author

An awakened Being on the path to ascension, learning and growing daily. A warrior in pursuit of truth and justice for President Trump in his battle for humanity.

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