November 15, 2020

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Jan Walker



Love from Florida

Placeholder - Love & Gratitude

It is so wonderful to have a site where I am able to express my love and admiration for President Donald J. Trump, and to discuss the myriad of positive changes that I have experienced and witnessed in these past 4 years. His obvious love and compassion for Humanity has been clear as he has unceasingly brokered peace deals around the world to truly bring Peace on Earth. As I pondered this amazing man and how he has brought HOPE back into our lives……Real HOPE. Hope for a better future for all of us and for our families. With these things on my mind, I prepared an audio message to help express these feelings for the greatest President our country has ever known.

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Jan Walker

About the author

An awakened Being on the path to ascension, learning and growing daily. A warrior in pursuit of truth and justice for President Trump in his battle for humanity.

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