We are witnessing good vs. evil playing out across the world in which the United States absolutely must take the lead of anchoring Authentic Freedom, Truth, Justice, Love, God Given Rights and Liberation from the establishment, aka, The Enslavement Matrix, or just The Matrix. We, The People of the United States, must take the lead in standing for these aspects of humanity’s evolution. We have reached a precipice and for many THERE IS NO GOING BACK, to sleep, to believing in the facades, the lies, the double standards and so much more. 

We must prevail from this point forward to RISE above the low vibration, nefarious intentions of the globalists that are making their final, blatant move with this election fraud against President Donald Trump and, ultimately, against We The People. Their intention is  to put the final nail in the coffin (literally and figuratively), to put humanity into controlled lockdown wearing muzzles that reflect the intention behind the censorship, and taking away our voice, rights to speech and so much more. 

For me, Deb, this has been a 33+ year journey (yes I’m dating myself), after a profound awakening in 1987 when I was 22 years old. As an award winning producer in Hollywood, I was trying to get “conscious media” off the ground from 1987 to 2000, with no success. Then I did start having success and then 9/11 happened… another nail in the coffin for humanity’s demise. 

I've gone from Hollywood, to a cutting-edge multi dimensional spiritual teacher, to preparing for the launch of several global humanitarian projects and new mainstream media channels to launch in 2021. Oh, and I’m writing a book I’m intending to launch by the end of 2020 entitled, “Choice Point, The Plan to Restore Humanity and YOUR Role in That Plan”.

My vision/our vision with starting this website is to provide a space and hub for people to engage with in several ways.

  • One is obvious, hopefully by now, which is to share personal messages of love, gratitude and inspiration to President Trump AND to each other. Or to share other people’s messages of Love, Gratitude, Hope and Inspiration for people that come here to see.
  • Another reason is for people to document their Intentions of taking a stand just like many did already for “Take the Oath”. The power wielded in one voicing their intentions of “I Take a Stand for…” cannot be understated. So that’s something we’ll be encouraging people to engage with.
  • Another reason is to become a hub, both here and our online Community “Great Awakening Global Community”, for organizing both information as well as people. It’s time to go beyond being digital soldiers and take it to the physical aspect of locations, calls, webinars etc. 

We are seeing an organic evolution of NEW LEADERS EMERGE, as more darkness is revealed through the nefarious actions and intentions of all people throughout the world. This is not just about the Democrats or the Left in the United States.  This is about all people, especially in high positions of power, that are revealing themselves as “Enemies of The People”.

Unify And Organize

Through the clearing of the fog, the distortions and nefarious actions of the globalists, New Leaders must step forward so we can anchor the Plan of a New Earth. This world can no longer “pretend” to co-exist as the Light vs. Dark - Evil Empire has revealed itself.  We must UNIFY and ORGANIZE to rise above the fray, the deception and nefarious intentions of the construct the globalists set up as their Enslavement Matrix.

And all of this absolutely includes a relationship with Source, God, Jesus, Heavenly Hosts (Melchizedek, Budha, Quan Yin...) but from a non-denominational perspective that is not associated with any specific man-made religion. Religious dogma is another way “they divide us”, we must become “smart bunnies” and realize this. 

This Movement of Freedom and Love is to truly have a relationship with God as your Source, whatever that means for you, as long as it is based in Love, Light, Gratitude and the Betterment of Humanity and NOT control, fear, greed, lack of compassion, remorse, unwarranted violence, enslavement, harming of others, including animals and Mother Earth. 

This is the Age of God, The Age of Light, The Golden Age.  This is a spiritual war and we are all at Choice Point to determine which path (timeline or reality) we’re going to take and how much we are willing to engage, in order to succeed.

So you are invited and welcome to come here to also engage in this Unification and Organizing of New Global Leaders that I am taking a stand to participate as a leader.

We are in the “breakdown stage of a global/major breakthrough”!   

We are on the precipice of breaking free from the Enslavement Matrix!!!

Here are my spiritual 1, 2, 3’s which I’ve included in almost all newsletters and videos since 2012:

  1. We Are In This Together (funny how it has become global, right?)
  2. We WILL See This Through
  3. The Most Important Relationship is a Loving Relationship with YourSelf and then spread the love from there.


If we see ourselves in the likeness and image of God then that Loving Relationship includes God too!

President Trump is who God is working with in order to “See This Through”, because he’s one of the only beings on the planet with the heart AND the balls to do what needs to be done. He has taken millions of punches and arrows for us in order to “LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD”... so that we CAN have the chance to create our global vision of PEACE… Now let’s: (1) Give Back to him, and (2) Create The Vision!

My vision is to see this through to the end as #TrumpWins, #GodWins and #WeWin as #Love Prevails and #BettermentOfHumanityTimelineAnchors

I welcome your insight, shares and feedback through our Contact Us page..

Much Love to You Always and All Ways!!!



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