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Terms of Registration

Thank you for actually reading through this “Terms of Service”, aka Integrity Agreement for the We Love You President Trump website!

This agreement is a modified version of the same document for our online community called “Great Awakening Global Community” as well as our spiritual teaching site, TranscendTheMatrix.com.

Agreement with these terms is prerequisite to your registration and continued engagement, posting and sharing within the site www.WeLoveYouPresidentTrump.com. There are several other URL’s / domain names that are utilized and redirected to this site. These include, but are not limited to: www.PresidentTrumpWeStandWithYou.com, WeLovePresidentTrump.com and WeFightAlongsideTeamTrump.com

These sites have been created and are being guided by and through, Originators and Facilitators, Deborah Pietsch and husband, Scott Bartle, for the purpose of creating empowering content, powerful sharing, unification, healing, up-leveling, growing, expanding, meeting and unifying new people and new global leaders, as well as making a difference in people’s lives.

This is a conscious / awakening website geared towards participants that specifically identify as Patriots, ‘RedPillers’, Lightworkers, Beings of Light etc., who align with specific purposes and intentions which are listed below:
Intentions & Purposes of this Site:

  •  To create a hub or portal where people from all over the world can share AND ARCHIVE their messages of love, excitement and gratitude for President Donald Trump and Team Trump.
  • To create a hub or portal where people from all over the world can share AND ARCHIVE their messages of love, excitement and gratitude for anyone and everyone who wants to engage in messages of HOPE, INSPIRATION, LOVE, STRENGTH & FORTITUDE. To be the “wind beneath someone’s wings” at any given moment!
  • To be a sacred space for and with like-minded and like-hearted people that are committed to the movement of truth, freedom, love, awakening and being conscious.
  • To UNIFY everyone and begin to organize for the coming months (and years) ahead
  • To begin the conversation of Co-Creating a New Earth Reality
  • To truly anchor Free Will, Freedom, Sovereignty, Peace, Love in all ways; embodiment of, communication about and actions as… Warriors of Light!
  • To establish a hub for the foundation of LIVE online AND offline events.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of Integrity, Truth, Honoring, Transparency, Love, Courage, Strength, Compassion, Presence of God and Safe Environment to share and be vulnerable without the fear of censorship or suspension (unless serious the site’s guidelines are contravened), but certainly not for sharing truth and uncovering details of the Designed Assault Against Humanity.

  •  I will not knowingly share information that is not true and will only share information that is backed up by verifiable facts
  • I will not use this space to “network” for the purpose of selling of goods and wares.
  • If you have an awesome product and want to introduce it to the site, please email us.
  • I will endeavor to be respectful, discerning and empowering, whilst engaging with commenting and/or posting
Who is NOT invited? 

As a reminder – here is the list of people NOT invited to engage, participate or register for this site.

“Lurkers” and “Larps” that are NOT interested in Truth, Freedom, Awakening, God, Love or participating in growing and building this site. People that instigate disharmony or project disdain, people that want to lurk. People that are more interested in “being right”, rude, hateful, racist, or divisive than being in alignment with the true essence, intentions and commitments of this site regardless of whether it’s here online or at any of our offline sponsored events.

Further… we are calling in, self induced CONSEQUENCE TO ANYONE who comes into this site with any of these intentions knowingly creating disharmony, distortion or spying. Consequence does not need to come from the hand of the “invoker”, but from God in ways that  may be unrelated to the offense.

In full transparency and clarity… THIS is the “law of the land” of this site… so be advised your intentions must be honorable else think twice about coming through the front door.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read through this AND for the Integrity of your Commitment to engage with the intentions set forth here.

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