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November 22, 2020 ~ Official Launch Date of this website
Bridging what JFK started 60+ years ago 

President Donald J. Trump was, in his own words, "put here to do a job", and, whether you know it yet or not, that "job" is to finish what President JFK began: the takedown of the Deep State and the Restoration of Humanity across the world and the dimensions. By BRIDGING this gap Trump has entered treacherous territory where dark forces do anything to protect those in positions of power - JFK paid with his life. This knowledge is an insight to why those holding power hate Trump, because he is literally standing between US and THEM... between US and a clearly defined group that is "The Enemy of The People".

Deb Pietsch Shares vision for this site

Post U.S. Election- Worldwide - 

It’s all coming to a head. We are literally in the fight of our lives for Freedom, Justice, Truth, Peace, Love, the dissolving of the Enslavement Matrix and so much more! We are fighting for the United States of America to remain intact as a Republic with a Constitution and Rule of Law that is followed, vs. the alternative which is to be overridden and taken over by nefarious Globalists that want us (and the people of the world) to remain controlled in the Enslavement Matrix. 

Enter President Donald Trump! He has shown us (73million+), at least those of us with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, through his words, his actions and his deeds, that he genuinely LOVES US, WE THE PEOPLE and LOVES AMERICA! NOW is the time WE MUST fight for him to remain in office for 4 more years, so he, along with Team Trump can do what he came to D.C. to do, which is 'drain the swamp'. He and WE MUST have the opportunity to clean up the D.C. swamp and the globalist swamp.

President Trump

We are intending that 1000’s of you send in video & audio Personal Messages of Love, Gratitude, Taking A Stand, and "We Have Your Back President Trump", as we make this site known to him and Team Trump!

Donald Trump Official Portrait

The time for our Unified Field of Light to enter the level playing field being created by President Trump, has come. Through our collective thoughts, prayers, actions and deeds, our intention is to unify in a POWERFUL FIGHT for FREEDOM. No matter how you choose to identify, label or present yourself, this site is intended to create and be, a collaboration of Freedom Seekers, an archive, a hub... a way for YOU to be apart of this Unified Field of Light.  Through YOUR messages of Support, Love and Gratitude to President Trump, as well as YOUR messages to others that need a boost up, a helping hand, a kind heart, to see 'love in action' to help guide them through this Great Awakening Transition.

Like the amazing showing of people at the Nov. 14th DC MAGA March, here at this site, we get to unifying in a different way to show President Trump and Team Trump we've got their backs! The appearance of challenge is that the dark forces play dirty, override people's Free Will, murder, threaten, cheat, lie and more. The people that truly want Freedom, Liberty and Justice, do not normally utilize these tactics, but what we DO have is power in numbers, in Light, in Love and in God! 

This site is an opportunity for YOU and US to:

  1. Give back to President Trump - let him know we're here and we've got his back
  2. Be supportive and acknowledge Team Trump who have stepped up to do the heavy lifting
  3. Create messages of HOPE & INSPIRATION for the many people who are challenged by all of the upheaval and uncertainty.
  4. And... be a HUB of Love ~ Unifying, Organizing and Posting Events!

You are invited to POST Personal Messages via video, audio, text, images or even a link to a song or video. The point is to SHARE personal Messages of Gratitude, Love; to be a source of Inspiration to others during this time of upheaval.  

What started as a vision Deborah Pietsch (Deb) had a few days after the 2020 elections, as a way to support President Trump with people’s messages of Love, Gratitude and Support, quickly grew. As the site is launching on November 18th, the intention now is to become a HUB of Inspiration, Love & Gratitude for EVERYONE!! Additionally, an anchor point of one of the dedicated places for unifying and organizing our Global Freedom Movement, which MUST solidify here in the States!

So you'll see that you are invited to share PERSONAL MESSAGES OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, as well as... (click toggle for more)


… Personal MESSAGES OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, as well as many other uplifting messages for everyone. It’s (potentially) a very challenging time for people and it can be easy to lose HOPE through this breakdown and transition.

We ARE IN THIS TOGETHER (I’ve literally been adding that to my newsletters & videos since 2012!) so as long as you are willing to engage, we’re here for you and with you! So come here and share your Love, Inspiration, Gratitude, as well as your messages of taking a STAND with President Trump and FOR FREEDOM.  

We are powerful beyond measure and this is JUST the BEGINNING of our Return and Up-leveling to GREATNESS! Check out the details throughout the site of “what” and “how” you can SUBMIT your videos, images, memes, messages, audio recordings, music and other shares. 

Our movement is about to explode to the next level… and we have President Donald Trump, as our amazing leader, to level the playing field for the Betterment of Humanity Timeline and the birth of the New Earth!

We also have an online Community and more to share… this is just the beginning!

Much Love, Gratitude, Respect in All Ways and Always!

Deb (& Scott)

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